25 Unique Ways You Can Offer Help To Another Person

Learn the ultimate 25 Unique Ways You Can Offer Help To Another Person, In today's world, people find it difficult to offer help to one another because of one reason or another. Sometimes, their reasons may be valid. 

Despite the reasons, it is not best to refuse to offer help when it is clearly needed.

Giving and receiving help in one form or another is one of the major reasons why God created mankind; therefore giving and receiving help is a basic human necessity, because we all need help in one form or another and at different times in our lifetimes.

One very important question we must learn to ask ourselves on a daily basis is this: "Who and who have I helped before?"

If we cannot answer this question honestly and positively, then we are not in a position to expect any help from other people.

One serious mistake we make in life is expecting help when we have not extended any help to others.

Another equally serious mistake we make is assuming that offering help to other people begins and ends with money.

But I want us to know that there is help you can offer to someone that is more valuable than money.

In the next section of this article, I would like us to take a look at the different unique ways we can offer help to others, that is equally as valuable as money, if not more valuable.

Ways We Can Offer help To Others

1. Help a sick person wash his/her clothes.

2. Help a driver who had a flat tyre to replace it with a spare tyre.

3. Help a driver whose car is not starting to push it to make it start.

4. Help a driver whose car got stuck to get moving again.

5. Help someone lift a heavy load on top of the head, vehicle, wheelbarrow or motorcycle.

6. Help an aged person to carry a heavy load.

7. Give accurate direction to a stranger to enable him locate the place he/she is going to.

8. Help a stranger who has no money or lost his/her money to pay transport fare.

9. Give money, food, clothes, etc to a beggar or destitute.

10. Visit orphans and fete them.

11. Visit a woman that gave birth to a baby and give her money or other valuables.

12. Visit the sick and give them valuable things or pay their hospital bill.

13. Attend a burial ceremony and console and give money or other valuables to the bereaved.

14. Pray for your relatives, friends, leaders and enemies.

15. Bless someone who you ought to curse because of a great evil he/she has done to you.

16. Discourage someone who wants to gossip with you about other people.

17. Feed someone who is obviously not capable of feeding himself/herself.

18. Help a qualified person get a job without asking for any favours.

19. Give advice to someone that is obviously in need of it when the person is doing something that will lead to death or harm.

20. Show a child the right thing to do and the right way to do it, so that he/she will not grow up thinking that what he/she is doing is right.

21. Not to encourage or accommodate a married woman who ran away from her husband's house.

22. Not to accept money or material things to betray a friend or divulge a friend's secrets.

23. Not to take advantage of someone's ignorance to cheat or harm the person.

24. Not to encourage someone to be lazy or depend on other people.

25. To discourage someone from stealing, prostitution, immoral dressing, lying, adultery and hating other people.

This is just a short list of the numerous ways we can offer help to one another.

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