How african football keeps dying

On this article i want to put you through on how african football keeps dying everyday, in the world African football especially African champions league is considered low valued but there is something missing whenever african football is degraded, 

Let's start by below photo 

Above is a photograph of African football kids while below is another photo of African kids playing football 

On above photo you will see that these kids are playing in a dusty environment because there's is no properly built stadium for them or a good pitch for them to play on while even some of them are playing with bare foot 👣, 

Africa has produced more talents than other continents but due to racism and stereotypes many of them got demoralized while many are still battling to break through,

Racism is something worst than epidemic and you can imagine a situation whereby you have to spend so much money to leave Africa to Europe just to play professional football but at the end of it you find yourself surrounded by racist or people that will stereotype you. 

It is not easy and has never been easy for African kids, their problem is not where they find themselves but those that failed to give them better opportunities back home, 

Jay Jay okocha is African, ngolo Kante is African, Paul pogba is African, alaba is African, name them but many of these players choose to deny their nationalities just to have better chance of having good life after football and also international appearance and that's how african football keeps dying everyday! 

 It is time to hold our African leaders accountable and also time for them to start investing in sports to cut down the level of our people migrating Europe just to play football, these kids suffer alot, 

Jay Jay okocha resigned to early because of the corruption of the football federation, we have too many problems in Africa but we should always learn to put the interest of our kids first with priority. 

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