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Bitly’s Connections Platform is more than a free URL shortener, with robust link management software, advanced QR Code features, and a Link-in-bio solution,

Bitly is a URL shortening service and a link management platform. The company Bitly, Inc. was established in 2008. It is privately held and based in New York City. Bitly shortens 600 million links per month, for use in social networking, SMS, and email.

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Founded: 2008

Parent organization: Spectrum Equity

Subsidiary: Egoditor GmbH

What is Bitly uses for?

Bitly is a link management platform that lets you harness the power of your links by shortening, sharing, managing and analyzing links to your content. Billions of links are created every year by our millions of users, from individuals to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Can Bitly link expire?

Bitly links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at Bitly and the custom domain is attached to a Bitly account. While you can hide links and their analytics from the analytics view, the data will remain in Bitly.

Can Bitly link be deleted?

Once a link is shortened in Bitly, it cannot be deleted or archived. But it can be hidden or redirected. A hidden link will still function when anyone clicks it, but it won’t appear in on your Bitly pages and analytics.


How does Bitly make money?

Bitly shortens 600 million links per month, for use in social networking, SMS, and email. Bitly makes money by charging for access to aggregate data created as a result of many people using the shortened URLs. In 2017, Spectrum Equity acquired a majority stake in Bitly for $64 million.

Is Bitly link private?

For every Bitly link shared, anyone can get the link statistics by simply adding a + to the end of the URL. This allows your competitors to monitor your performance. When you use a Rebrandly link you own it and no one else can monitor it.

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To create a link in Bitly:

Log in to your Bitly account.

Click Create.

TIP: You can also hit the letter “b” on your keyboard as a shortcut.

If you have a paid subscription, you will have the option to select a custom domain to brand your link. By default, links will be created using the “” domain.

Paste the long URL into the Paste Long URL box, this will auto-generate a shortened link.

Click Create.

The next screen allows you to edit your link. You can change the title, add a custom back-half, copy or share the link, and even add it to a campaign.

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