Health Problems That Causes Bad Breath or Halitosis

 Here are some health prooblems that causes bad breath or halitosis.

Halitosis otherwise referred to as bad breath or mouth odour is one of the most embarrassing conditions anyone can suffer from. It is embarrassing in the sense that,

people often stigmatize those suffering from halitosis and also they are always known for being quiet and not able to voice out their opinions when needed due to fear of being embarrassed.

Unfortunately whenever a person is suffering from halitosis or bad breath, we often jump into hasty conclusions, saying that sucb a person is not taking his or her oral hygiene seriously.

But this is not always the case, some chronic health problems can also cause bad breath in some individuals and in this article,

we are going to have a look at some of the other health problems that are capable of causing bad breath. Just sit tight and enjoy the article whilst learning something new.

What Are Some Of The Health Problems That Can Cause Bad Breath or Halitosis?


This is actually one of the health problems that can cause bad breath if not handled effectively. Diabetes is a health condition that arises due to the body's inability to metabolize sugar or the poor regulation of sugar in the blood stream due to either poor insulin production or no insulin production at all. People who are suffering from diabetes often have bad breath due to the elevated blood sugar.


This is another thing that can cause bad breath in people. If a person is suffering from chronic Lung Disease, he or she will most likely have bad breath stemming from the problematic lungs. In this case, it is highly advisable to see a doctor, so treatments for the lung disease can commence to put an end to the problem of bad breath.


This is another set of issues that can cause bad breath. If your kidney is about failing or having a very serious issue, one of the signs is bad breath. The bad breath or mouth odour of someone suffering from kidney related or liver issues is usually very unbearable and requires urgent attention to prevent sudden death due to liver or kidney failure.

So don't generalize that a person is suffering from bad breath because of poor oral hygiene. It is not always the case, sometimes, it can be due to certain health problems that are life-threatening. Thanks🙏, read, comment, share and even like the article.

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