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Author Next Steps

Next step to take after your article is approved and you’re marked eligible to become inflowpost author is to use your login details and login,

after you login make sure you begin writing your first official article on inflowpost, ensure your article meets standards of google publisher rules.

any article you include links will not be approved and if approved links will be removed and you won’t be credited for writing the article, inflowpost Ltd reserves the rights to modify, delete and approve articles submitted by our authors.

ensure to never write sponsored articles or include any ads in your articles, failure to follow instructions and guides will lead to termination of your author role at inflowpost and your articles will be credited to inflowpost.

when our editor reaches out to you ensure to ask necessary questions before login details will be given to you, if you have any issues or encounter any challenge ensure to reach out to us as soon as possible to enable us help you fix it,

Important Checklists

  • Paragraphs
  • Reasonable title
  • Featured image
  • Atleast 3tags
  • Written in english only

if you have any question the comment section is open for you and you can reach out to our editor by sending an email: editor@inflowpost.com

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