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Author Quick Start Guide

What you must do to become inflowpost author

For you to write for us you must be eligible and your eligibility check begins with writing an article and submitting to inflowpost through our article submission page, after writing the article copy the link and send mail to editor@inflowpost.com with subject “Author eligibility test”

there are things you must keep in mind to avoid disqualification or ineligible status,

  • Article must be 300 words minimum
  • Article must not be copy pasted
  • Article must be 100% originally written by you
  • Article must fall in category selected and must not be out of our niche
  • Article must be well written and well paragraphed
  • Article must have featured image
  • Article must never have link
  • Article must never have video
  • Article must never have ads
  • Article must never contain adult pornography or child pornographic content
  • Article must never contain vulgar words
  • Article must never contain misleading contents
  • Article must never be about ICO or white paper investments or about any schemes
  • Article must never contain private information or individual or intellectual property infringement
  • Article must never encourage use of drugs, tobacco and other harmful substances
  • Article must never contain hacking or theft informations
  • Article must never contain banking information of individuals ie credit card information or internet banking
  • Article must never be about any individual without approval from the chief editor

Above are the check lists you must meet when writing article for inflowpost eligibility test.

when you are considered eligible our chief editor will get in touch with you and to discuss how to get you started,

an author account will be created for you and you will get a link to login with whenever you want to write article.

Use the comment section to ask any question about what you do not understand, you can as well mail our editor at: editor@inflowpost.com

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