How Church Vigil Has Been Abused

How church vigil has been abused, night vigil can be seen as a way of keeping awake over a particular event. It could be to keep awake in order to watch over a sick person but since we are concerned with the church night vigil, it has to do with when someone stays awake in the night in order to pray. 

Christians believed that to stay awake at night to pray is the appropriate time to receive favour from God.

Also, Jesus Christ supported this vigil during his agony in the garden when He told his disciples; Peter, James and John to watch and pray so that they will not fall into temptation. Luke 22:39-46.

Normally, church vigil supposed to be a night for prayers, to thank God, solicit for clemency and ask for Divine blessings but it has been turned into a situational irony by our youths, who see it as an opportunity to practice their immoral acts rather than its true objective. 

Some of our youths these days use vigil as a hide out to perform some of their bad acts. It is now a kind of chance to rape girls who come around them. Also, a chance for girls to visit their boy friends for sexual immorality. 

How Church Vigil Has Been Abused

It is an opportunity to meet their gangs to steal when people left their various homes for the vigil.

They wear clothes that are synonymous with nakedness to attend church vigil in the name of fashions. There are certain areas of our body that are private and should not be exposed to the public.

These areas are around the chest or breast, the buttocks as well as the genital organs. Every decent person makes efforts to cover these areas as this one of the things that differentiates humans from animals.

In recent times, youths especially girls show their madness in church, all in the name of fashion. They wear dresses so short that they cannot pick up something from the ground without revealing their inner selves.

The annoying aspect of the whole madness is that these girls do not have any reason for dressing the way they do except that the other girls are dressing the way thereby lure others to sin in a church of God.

Some of the girls are of the view, that if you don't have a beautiful face, you display your beautiful body. This is nonsensically stated.

When someone wears indecent clothes, he/she is telling the world indirectly that both he/her parents have no moral.

These aforesaid, has made church vigil to have some negative connotations.

The importance of vigil has been misrepresented, misinterpreted and as well as misunderstood by people. 

Therefore, parents should guide against their children using vigil as a way to perpetuate evil by ensuring that they know where their children are going when they leave their house at night.

Religious or church leaders should inculcate or teach them morals.

We should not be discourage about the immoral acts. We should look up to God for He is the only Person Who guides and knows everything.

By Ukachi Christian Sochima

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