How Muslims Are Better Than Christians In Practice

How Muslims Are Better Than Christians In Practice, Christianity and Muslim/Islamic are the fastest growing religions in the global sphere or arena. The former believe in Christ while the latter believe in Mohammed.

It has been a controversial issue between Christians and Muslims on whose respect their religion most.

Based on what I saw, heard and understood, Muslims are better than Christians with the following points.

1. Faith, it is a truism and unequivocal fact that Muslims believe in one Allah with one faith unlike Christians that claimed to believe in one God with multifarious faith.

Muslims with one faith encourages members to open their hearts and minds to ponder the big questions such as life, love and universe.

The Quran encourages Muslims to look at the visible signs and to think about them with practical effects. While Christian faith is more of theoretical than practice which is one of the concern issues that have eaten deep in the Christian life.

In Nigeria, you will see different churches with different faith under the umbrella of Christianity. You will one building housing different Christian churches. Since they claimed to worship one God, why not come together as one family to worship? Who is fooling who?

2. Love, Muslims love their members in all facets of life which increase their faith and certainty. Whereas Christians will be preaching Bible simultaneously hating themselves.

The ten (10) commandments summarized itself with love; the love of God and the love of the neighbour. That's why Muslims are progressing more than Christians.

3. A deep and abiding relationship with Allah. Islam teaches that the purpose of life is to worship the creator.

Therefore, by converting to Islam and concentrating all one's efforts on pleasing Allah and following His guidance, believers are able to fortify the relationship that was forged in the act of conversion.

Some Christians are concentrating all one's efforts on pleasing them because of their egoistic nature rather than pleasing God the owner of life.

4. A holistic way of life, Muslims life is organized in a spiritual and moral way, taking into account mankind's needs and desires.

It teaches Muslims to take into account of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and provides them the best guidance in all matters.

Here, Christians are using Christians to perpetuate their selfish interests without caring the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of their members.

5. Accountability and Justice, just as each person is been given the capability to view and ponder the signs of Allah, they also have been given the free will to choose between right and wrong.

Islam teaches that Allah is the most just and that on the day of judgement people will be held accountable for their deeds and questioned by Allah.

Therefore, Muslims do follow suit with practicality unlike Christians.

6. A clear perspective in life. Islam encourages a believer to understand events in his or her life in the context of the overall purpose of life.

Allah advices them to bear their trials and tribulations patiently. But some Christians focuses on posterity.

7. Connectivity, Muslims connect their members to all facets or parameters of life like politics, religion, economy, sociocultural activities, etc. While most of the Christians disconnect their members from the aforementioned parameters of life.

With the aforesaid reasons, Muslims are better than Christians. It is a crystal clear that our mothers in the kitchen had known the truth, because, "Truth is the Mother of Justice".

By Ukachi Christian Sochima

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