How not to Commission a Gutter

Hope Uzodinma and his unwanted guest in retrospect. How not to Commission a Gutter!!

Let's skip Buhari's badly sewed trouser and focus more on some of the vital points and other takeaways from his uneventful visit to Owerri.

For me, dwelling more on his trouser sounds petty and mundane. He should sort that out with his tailor.

Back to the matter,

Few days ago, internet was again awashed with news of President Buhari's visit to Eastern heartland, Owerri, Imo State capital, a supposedly presidential visit to commission landmark projects, often marked with pomp, fanfare and glamor.

However, as it turned out on this particular visit, it became spectacle of a rare and bold display of rejection and irritation for his persona by many Easterners as he was greeted with empty streets and deserted neighborhoods, which I find very instructive.

Buhari practically visited a ghost city, whose inhabitants had all unanimously joined forces by making a bold statement by staying indoors, to voice their collective displeasure with his unpopular and seeming rejected government. 

Despite the clarion calls and repeated move by Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State and other spirited efforts by Eastern figures urging Igbos to come out in their thousands to give Buhari a rousing welcome, it became a shocking reception to embarrassing to comprehend for both Mr. President, the guest and Uzodinma the host.

How not to Commission a Gutter Gutter Commissioned By Nigerian President

Here's the point: Buhari and his team at the Presidency needs to come to terms with the reality that Mr, President is presiding over a government widely viewed as

  • unpopular
  • rejected
  • discredited
  • unwanted

By many Nigerians, a view widely expressed by not only the Igbos but by millions of other Nigerians. Buhari needs to trace how he fell completely apart from the people. 

Therefore, the Owerri treatment should be received in good faith as a gift by both Buhari and Hope Uzodinma, that the people, who are the primary center of governmental activities and projects,

are not pleased with State of affairs. Hope Uzodinma's case look far worse as he appears to have lost acceptability and legitimacy in Imo State as his authority is almost completely non existing.

To add to the preexisting mood of unwantedness in Imo, Hope Uzodinma brazenly invited Buhari to Owerri to prove a point only for him to come and commission a gutter!! Gutter of all Project!

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