How scammers hack your facebook account

You must be wondering how scammers hack your facebook account or how scammers get access to your facebook account, is simple and most that fall victim to such awkward method are those that are always clicking links without caution,

Below link: is a facebook profile of a scammer you should avoid and never click any link this person send to you or anyone else! 


they first of all post a screenshot of video they go elsewhere that is looking like a rape or whatsoever to get your attention,

As you can see above after getting your attention they will then post that link and you without thinking twice will jump in and click on the link!

Now this link takes you to no video or any reasonable or reputable video website, it will take you to a page asking you to login first just like below, lol

 now to further expose their fraud, you may ignorantly enter your credentials on above page thinking is facebook but hell no, is not.

Now check below screenshot 

Above is the real facebook page, now i will leave you to do your own analysis and also compare the two screenshots. Thanks for reading and learning how scammers hack your facebook account

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