How to avoid crypto scam

How to avoid crypto scam, Do you know that you can actually carryout crypto transactions without being scammed?

Yes you can, when you send payment with crypto address example: “uiebdjbrknshbbeidbwhbekdbs”

you don’t know verified wallet & you can be at high risk of loosing your funds,

But if you use Paychatik usertag (@yourname) to send crypto payment to paychatik user, before sending the payment you will know if the user is verified or not,

A verified user will have a verification check badge just like on this Paychatik screenshot below 👇

Paychatik verified user

next to their name (nametag) just like twitter verified account but an unverified user won’t have verification badge next to their name

And for you to avoid possible scam you should ask the user or the organization to get verified first before you send the payment,

Example of Verified and Unverified user on Paychatik

Unverified User on Paychatik

Ad 2

Verified user on Paychatik

Paychatik verified user

Ofcouse no scammer will ever want to verify their wallet/account. this is how paychatik nametag will save you from crypto scams.

we are cutting down crypto scams because it’s our duty to provide you a safe platform to carryout your crypto transactions.

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