How to avoid stretch marks while pregnant

How to avoid stretch marks after child birth,  while pregnant strech marks as the name implies is a mark that appears on your belly in the process of your skin elasticity,

 It a common occurrence that happens mostly when pregnant because of the streaching of your belly to accommodate your baby or sometimes it might occur because of how hairy your baby is when he or her hair touches you it warrant the stretching of your stomach and it can be very sweet and relaxing while doing the stretching in this process there will be occuranace of stretch marks.

I will be writing down some tips that can enable you wear your crop tops and rock your body without any form of insecurities or feeling ashamed of your belly after child birth.

1:  You can avoid stretch marks by not having to use your hand to stretch when it comes rather make use of any soft material around you to just romance that particular spot at ease not with your strength.

2:  I will be mentioning three natural products you can also use to massage your stomach after bath you don't need any chemical to do the wonders.

  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Make sure you get the original that is not mixed with any chemicalt,this three products when mixed together perform the wonders and keep your stomach glowing within and after birth. with this tips you are sure to say bye bye to any form of strech marks while pregnant.

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