How to avoid your files loosing quality on WhatsApp

How to avoid your files loosing quality on WhatsApp, most of us have experienced this awful heartbreaking experience when we send files such as images, videos or any other file type through WhatsApp and when the person we send it to receives it the file will drop quality and the most annoying one is images,

Back then in college whenever i take photograph with my friends then using my friend's Mobile phone and i request it to be send to me through WhatsApp at the end i get blurry images or a highly quality loosed image and i know how the experience is like therefore i decided to make a research and make some findings why this usually occurs to us, 


well the good news is that i have figured out how you can avoid this and stay stress-free of such minor issue troubling you,

I am going to guide you on how to avoid this and believe me all my tricks and guides has never failed and this hopefully you will as well understand my credibility and perhaps will subscribe to the newsletter to enable you get more of my contents notifications, 

let me get you on track, you will have to follow my steps on this article and you will be through learning it and i will want you to try it immediately and don't forget to ask questions if you do have any also below comment section is open for you to air your view on my post, 


open your WhatsApp application and navigate to this (as indicated on below screenshot) click on it, 

when you click on it you will see another window just like below screenshot click the marked  settings

 click the "STORAGE AND DATA" option and proceed

you will see another window as below screenshot you will see "Photo Upload Quality" option, that's the reason your images loose quality whenever you send images or files to someone so what you gonna do now is to click on it, 


most WhatsApp users who have seen this before might have chosen the "Data Saver" option but i will advise you not to follow their steps, leave the damn data out of this if you want to send top quality default quality of any images you want to send then don't choose the auto that WhatsApp recommended for you, choose "Best Quality" option

when you're done click the "OK" button as i highlighted on above screenshot, this is how to send images on WhatsApp without loosing quality, 

Be sure to tell your friends to do this as well and i hope this article is helpful if so then drop a comment below.

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