How to fix App Not Installed on Android phone

How to fix App Not Installed on Android phone, installing application on your android phone and it says “App Not Installed”? Fix it now!

It is annoying when you try to install app on your android phone and it will be giving you error “App not installed” and this cab be frustrating sometimes,

You can actually install your application and you will never encounter such frustrating error again, yes you can just read patiently 😉


You can fix it now without issues by just following this “How to fix app Not Installed on Android phone” it is simple to fix and shouldn’t bother you again when you get another android phone or when your family member or friends encounter such challenge so you can easily fix it and be a super hero of the day to them,

Before we proceed on solving or fixing this issue let us first digest what causes this problem and the big question is “What is the cause of app not installed on Android phone?

Because before you can solve a problem you should first of all figure out the cause of the problem which will make it easy for you to solve the problem knowing very well the root where the problem is originating from.

What Is The Cause Of App Not Installed On Android Phone?

The reason you keep getting error message “App Not Installed On Android Phone” is because of Google play protect and this usually happens often when an application you are trying to install is not secure or verified by Google technically or backend engine,

The AI (artificial intelligence) in charge of this is “Google Play Protect” which is the main cause of the issue because it is what scans and your app automatically and verify it before you can install the application.

What Is Google Play Protect?

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Backed by Google’s machine learning, it’s always adapting and improving. Every day, Google Play Protect automatically scans all of the apps on Android phones and works to prevent the installation of harmful apps, making it the most widely deployed mobile threat protection service in the world.

Google Play Protect, the Android built-in malware defense system, has failed the real-world tests of antivirus testing lab AV-TEST after detecting just over two thirds out of more than 20,000 malicious apps it was pitted against,

When you turn on the “Improve harmful app detection” setting, you allow Google Play Protect to automatically send unknown apps to Google.

This happens because your Google play protect is turned on and for you to fix this issue you must turn off your google play protect,

Is It Good To Leave My Google Play Protect Turned On?

Yes it is good to leave it on because it is for your own safety and security, With nothing to install or configure, Google Play Protect can help keep the bad guys out of your Android phone or tablet with little impact on system performance.

How Can I Turn Off Google Play Protect?

to turn off google play protect you should follow the following steps to turn off your google play protect easily:-

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app


  1. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  2. Tap Play Protect Settings
  3. Turn Improve harmful app detection on or off. at the moment it’s turned on that is why is telling you app not installed so for you to fix it you will have to turn it off.
  4. Now turn it off

Please note that androids built this built-in software to prevent smartphones from getting a virus, so a third-party antivirus app isn’t required. You can use CronVPN if you are looking for a third-party reliable security.

Now that you have turned Google play protect off what’s next? Next is to try installing your application and if the problem repeat again then make sure you have enough space in your ram memory.

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