How to receive payment from abroad using offrakle

How To Use Offrakle And Receive Payment, Alot of people especially the smart lazy hustlers have been asking us how to pick funds from abroad, if this is one of your questions for us then here is an answer to your question.

There are so many ways to pick money from abroad especially if you are an Indian, Malaysia or Nigerian,

If you are from Nigeria then we advise you to use digital banks to pick your money, we will not advise you which bank by mentioning the bank name for security reasons but you should think it through by what we mean by digital bank

What Is Digital Bank?

Normally a digital bank represents a virtual process that includes online banking and beyond. As an end-to-end platform, digital banking must encompass the front end that consumers see, back end that bankers see through their servers and admin control panels and the middleware that connects these nodes.

Here’s a full hint on the digital bank we mean:

  1. Bank that doesn’t have physical branch
  2. Bank that lets you open account using their mobile app or website

Now when you have this type of bank account you can pick up funds from abroad at no risks but it doesn’t end there, there are things you must do first before you will use the digital bank to receive payment from abroad without risks.

What Should I Do To Receive Payment From Abroad Without Risks?

You should use a bank hacking program or software especially recommended “cloud program” and you will be able to pick up or receive money from abroad without risks.

We Recommend you use Offrakle to receive illegal funds from abroad, use Offrakle to pick up money without traces after a successful hack or successful scam,

Scammers involved in romance scam often use this method to pick up their funds, you can really do so much more with Offrakle not just to use it and pick funds, you can Learn More about Offrakle Here to enable you understand it more better.

How To Use Offrakle And Receive Payment

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for you to use offrakle you must have an account on offrakle, Visit: and for you to login you have to visit: and login.

After successfully creating account on offrakle you should pay for your license and after the Successful license payment you will be automatically taken to the Offrakle dashboard where you will access the features and start your transactions.

Now for you to receive payment with offrakle you will have to use the “Swift Transfer” option, copy the necessary informations of the offshore account and submit to whoever that wants to send you money (someone you want to scam)

When the person send the payment you will receive it

Alternatively Receive Payment With Cardro Pro

an alternative for you to receive payment using your cardro pro is to use the crypto option or ask the person their card details, let them fund it then submit the informations to you then you use the “Carding” option to take out the money from the person’s bank account through credit card,

NOTICE!: when you receive payment with cardro pro there nothing like any traceback to you, all possible traces will be wiped off automatically.

After receiving the payment you can convert the funds to Bitcoin by using the “Convert” option in the crypto wallet on cardro pro

You can send out the Bitcoin to external addresses or exchanges and sell it to get fiat into your local bank account.

Now that’s how to pick funds from abroad without any trace or hassles, I hope this article is helpful to you and if it is kindly share this post with other hustlers like you.

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