How to reverse Bitcoin transaction

How to reverse Bitcoin transaction. Alot of crypto currency users must have made countless researches on how to flash Bitcoin, also how to reverse Bitcoin transaction and asked lots of questions on possiblity or how to reverse a crypto currency transaction but got no valid answer to their research but here we are letting you to not just know how to reverse Bitcoin transaction but also learn How to reverse Bitcoin transaction in few easy steps,

When you send crypto currency payment especially Bitcoin to a particular address the beneficiary gets the crypto currency payment after thirty (30) minutes and above depending on the wallet the beneficiary is using, if it is Inflowchain it will come within thirty (30) minutes but and Kucoin takes more time,

During this estimated time the confirmation takes place and after an hour or two the beneficiary did not see the transaction or the transaction reflected but remains unconfirmed it will call for attention and worries, therefore a process of performing just a common bitcoin flashing on such expected situation is not going to work smoothly.

You need some magic, you need some sort of luck and magic, CoinREV is here to offer you those things you don’t have or need at the moment, transaction made with  CoinREV confirms,

Before we proceed let’s quickly iron out a question perhaps on your mind,

What Is CoinREV?

CoinREV is a cloud based program that you can use and deploy virus crypto payments to any address and call it back after 24hours of transaction/deploying of the virus.

CoinREV will deploy your Bitcoin payment and it will confirm without any challenge but you must know that if you do not configure your settings rightly you will have issue and the transaction may not confirm,

How Can I Used CoinREV?

On our HomePage we provided free guide but it is strictly for new customers or existing customers, when you purchase/buy CoinREV and Successfully get receipt of payment ensure to contact us quickly with your purchase confirmation screenshot or receipt and we will provide you pin to the free guide and will also guide you through some important and critical steps if necessary for you.

I am going to lost out more important or questions more of our first time customers often asked us so that you also will be informed,

Does CoinREV require VPN?

Yes CoinREV requires you run your own VPN this is to reduce load on the server and cut down risks,

How long does a transaction stay before a callback?

It depends on your coinrev settings but by default after 24hours the payment will be automatically called back. You must also learn the hour codes so that you will understand them and know how to use the coinrev hour codes!

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What is hour code?

hour codes are endpoint commands and functions for the coinrev that works during the call back of any transaction you deployed, these hour codes is reason the callback is automated so without the code no one can

Here’s the hour codes:

  • 1440 – (24hours)
  • 720 – (12hours)
  • Recommended is: 1440

Having hour codes or code is not enough therefore you must have or also learn to use the callback codes,

What are callback codes?

  • Callback codes are of two categories and they’re:-
  1. For Bitcoin – 507296511264826
  2. For Ethereum- 00738626283628

Note that CoinREV deployment can fail for few reasons, now curious to know the reason? Okay let’s answer the disturbing question here.

Does CoinREV callback fail?

Yes, if the other party have sent out the crypto from the wallet used to receive the payment from you the callback will fail


you can only get coinrev at the website:

How can I get CoinREV?

to get CoinREV follow this steps carefully:-

  1. Open your browser and type in “”
  2. When the website opens you will see a button as highlited on below screenshot How to reverse Bitcoin transaction
  3. Click on the “Buy CoinREV” Button and follow the prompt.

That’s how to reverse Bitcoin transaction and i hope you understand and have learnt that,

You cab sell bitcoin to exchanges like ( that pays faster or send to wallets like binance/Inflowchain that confirms crypto currency transactions faster and then call back the transaction and cash out. Try it today!

if you need any help or have disturbing question visit their Knowledgebase  or contact them to assist you immediately!

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