How to send fake Bitcoin transaction

If you are looking for how to send fake Bitcoin transaction, how to flash Bitcoin, how to get Bitcoin flashing software, this article will guide you. Pay attention and read carefully to the end, this will put you through on how to perform a fake Bitcoin transaction.

How to send fake Bitcoin transaction

Learn How to send fake Bitcoin transaction that will appear on Blockchain explorer but will not confirm therefore you can use this to trick anyone or swindle anyone and make off some cool cash from anyone you can swindle around you or on the internet, it is actually called “Bitcoin flash or flash Bitcoin”

How to send fake Bitcoin transaction

How To get started with Bitcoin flashing

The question is not “How can I send a fake Bitcoin payment?”

The question should be, where can I get the software to use and flash Bitcoin to any crypto wallet?

Now here’s an answer to the above questions, if you want to flash Bitcoin to any crypto currency wallet including the top crypto wallets such as

  • Blockchain
  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Coinbase
  • Metamask
  • Trust wallet
  • ICXchange

Many of them, you will need a Bitcoin flashing software from us,

Bitcoin flashing software

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How Can I Get Bitcoin Flashing Software?

To get the Bitcoin flashing software you should click here to buy it. After buying it, install it and proceed to sign up for the account.

If you need help through the process you should contact our customer support to assist you promptly, if you have any questions you should direct it to our customer support they will answer all your questions politely accordingly.

What Information Do I Need To Flash Bitcoin?

You need only the beneficiary Bitcoin address, no other information is needed from you by the flash Bitcoin software, just the BTC address, then enter amount you want to flash and that’s all.

Flash Bitcoin

It won’t cost you a sweat or anything, it is easy to use and the delivery is fast. I hope this article is help kindly share for others to learn.

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