InDiscov: Nigerian Vlogger that traveled to 36 states of Nigeria

Meet InDiscov, the Nigerian YouTuber “Theoder Innocent Okechukwu” who traveled to all the 36 (thirty six) states of Nigeria in one month,

He is the founder of Paychatik and The Nigerian Vlogger, Theoder Innocent Okechukwu better known as InDiscov for his documentaries on Facebook @indiscov.

InDiscov was Born 16 September 1995, in Numan Local government of Adamawa State Nigeria, InDiscov is from Ihitteaforukwu Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. He is also a philanthropist, who dreamed to own a fintech company and give back to his community.

InDiscov’s journey hasn’t been smooth and rosy, and he definitely loved every part of the journey to date. He has failed many times but the spirit of “never give up” pushed him to go further, when he started creating jobs in Ukraine through his taxi business where millions of people believed there are no jobs.

“I created jobs in Ukraine, especially for our brothers from Africa, it has never been easy and I thank God because without God I wouldn’t have succeeded” he says.

Aside being notable for creating documentary  videos for YouTube and Facebook He is also an entrepreneur.

Known for his exceptional business ideas, problem-solving, and business development skills, InDiscov is building his own cryptocurrency wallet called “Paychatik” shortly after building ““.

This new innovation which will be rolled out before end of June 2022, according to InDiscov, he’s to solve problems in the cryptocurrency markets such as swapping and transaction fees. At Paychatik, there will be transparency, a crypto transaction platform where users can know verified users before sending out their payments.

Below are some of his documentary films:

Shelleng Village Drinks Dirty Water and it is very underdeveloped. No Electricity, No hospitals, No Good raid and many more.

Kiri Dam in Adamawa Nigeria, one of the biggest Dams in west Africa

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Mpape: incredible lake in the middle of rock in mpape Abuja Nigeria

“Through Paychatik, I want to make crypto transactions as cheap as I can. Free swapping, know verified wallet before you send, and the ability to chat and pay. There will also be very low sending fees.

“On Paychatik wallet, you will be able to chat before you pay also you can know if the user for the address you want to send payment if they’re verified or not,” Indiscov reveals.

At Inflowchange, Indiscov’s plan is to solve delays in the cryptocurrency to the fiat exchange process.

“I want to make an exchange as fast as I can,” he assures.

“On Inflowchange, when a user wants to sell his cryptocurrency and you send out your crypto to generated address or QR CODE when payment is confirmed on the blockchain network payout will be automatically issued to your wallet and will be processed to your bank account. Is easy and no delays.”

Speaking of future plans,Theoder innocent okechukwu is a promising entrepreneur who is an asset to the fintech industry. The chairman of Akashirike Group plans to own a bank in the future and to improve the Nigerian banking system.

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