Inflowchange: Best place to sell bitcoin in Nigeria

If you are looking for the place to sell bitcoin in Nigeria then welcome to this article because I will guide you on not just how to safely sell your bitcoin and other crypto currencies but also best reliable place to sell your bitcoins at fair rates without being cheated.

There has been so many cases of crypto scams and which I have been a victim of it but after coming across I have never lost my cryptos to any fraudulent crypto exchange platform either Nigeria or anywhere,

What is inflowchange?

Inflowchange is a cross boarder crypto currency exchange platform where you can sell your bitcoin and get paid in your local currency,  inflowchange is serving across Europe and Africa and their main hubs are

  • United Kingdom
  • Ukraine
  • Nigeria

above mentioned are the three major hubs of and they process payouts to PayPal accounts in USD default currency, Inflowchange is a product of Paychatik, paychatik is a blockchain ecosystem that has been building and introducing first ever features that will help her users avoid crypto scams.

Inflowchange Bitcoin to UAH payout to Ukrainian customers

inflowchange payout to Ukrainian bank issued cards and the process is easy and automated, there is not hassles that you will ever encounter when using inflowchange.

Inflowchange Bitcoin to Naira payout to Nigerian customers

inflowchange payout to Nigerian bank accounts of their customers, good rates and fair quick processing of payouts. Everything at inflowchange is automated and I will advise you try them with at-least $50 USD and you should get back on this post to testify it.

Ensure you bookmark this page because you will definitely come back to testify positively to us and when you do our comment section is always open for you to drop your comment.

How to get started in Inflowchange

If you want to get started on inflowchange then you will have to create an account with them to get started, to create account you should click the “get started” button on the website or type in on your browser, fill out all required fields and create your account.

after creating your account next thing you should do is to login to your account and begin your new exchanges.

Is Inflowchange Legit?

the answer to your questions is on trustpilot, you must have heard of by now, I recommend you check up inflowchange on trustpilot

What is trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a review platform that’s open to everyone. Share your experiences to help others make better choices and encourage companies to up their game,

inflowchange is rated excellent on trustpilot with over hundreds of positive reviews on them.

Is Inflowchange legit?

How to sell bitcoin on inflowchange

Below screenshot is Inflowchange user dashboard,

Sell bitcoin in Nigeria

if you sign up and logged in then you should click on the “Exchange” button as I marked


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When you click on the exchange button you will be taken to next page you will see it just exactly as below screenshot, select crypto currency you want to sell, enter the amount of the crypto currency you want to sell in the platform and scroll down


When you scroll down you should see exactly as below screenshot

Best place to sell bitcoin in Nigeria

Now hit the “Exchange” button and you will be taken to next screen (page) just as below screenshot


Now scroll down you will see a check box just as highlighted on below screenshot

Best place to sell bitcoin in Nigeria

Now you will have to check that dot box and next step is to click on the “Proceed” button as it is on below screenshot

Sell bitcoin on inflowchange

after clicking on the proceed button you will be taken to the final page where you will have to copy a crypto currency address the platform generated to you and send exactly amount it generated to you,


make sure you don’t shortpay or overpay, send exactly as the platform ask you to send do not include fees to the amount.

Thank you for reading this post, we will be updating our readers on legit platforms to save them from becoming victim of scams, we will appreciate it if you visit inflowpost from time.

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