InflowChange: African Giant Crypto Exchange (Sell Bitcoin)

Inflowchange is a crypto currency exchange where crypto traders can sell their bitcoin and other crypto currencies for cash, inflowchange was launched 2021 and in early 2022 it became a big shot for handling crypto currency transactions of over a million dollars.

Inflowchange Official Website

the official website of inflowchange is,


How To Use Inflowchange

to use inflowchange and sell your crypto you have to create an account on inflowchange first, after creating your account next step is to login to your account and submit your new exchange order

Does Inflowchange Require ID Verification?

the answer to if inflowchange requires verification or not is “NO”, you can sell your crypto currencies unlimitedly without any ID verification but for you to Buy crypto you will need to verify your account because Inflowchange is following AML Policy (anti money laundering policy).

How Can I Contact Inflowchange Customer Support?

to contact inflowchange customer support is easy by just creating a support ticket from your account when logged in, if you are not logged in you can easily send mail to them through their official support email: Wallet

inflowchange wallet also known as ICXChange is a crypto currency wallet and a subsidiary of Paychatik, with Inflowchange wallet you can easily do a lot such as:

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  • Send
  • Receive
  • Save Crypto

Inflowchange primarily is where to sell your crypto currencies while the app is where you can do more than just selling your crypto currencies.

when you sell your crypto currency your payout is automatically credited to your wallet, then from your wallet it will be processed to your bank account or withdrawal method.

How To Get Started On

To get started on inflowchange is very simple, just open your browser and type in or simply just type and hit the “Get Started” button that’s it.

to login type in and if you have any question kindly direct it to their customer support team, you can contact them through their support email or login and raise a support ticket. Thanks for reading and please share.

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