Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps In Nigeria

Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps In Nigeria, here’s Best Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps That Works not just for Nigeria but India and other countries. If you are searching for the best fake bank transfer alerts in Nigeria in which you can easily use to Send fake bank transfer alerts anonymously without being tracked? then you must check out these fake bank apps which we are going to discuss on this article.

Well before we continue we have been receiving complaints from most of our visitors about this software. How they are being scammed day by day, as a result of wanting to purchase the fake bank alert software.

I strongly believe you must have in one way or the other have an encounter with any of these online vendors, whom claim of having some of these fake bank alerts transfer software.

Without much wasting of time I’m going to write a break down of fake bank alerts to enhance the easy understanding of our first timers here.

What is Fake Bank Alert?

Fake Bank Alert is a software that scammers use to defraud small business owners or make an illegitimate payment that can not be withdrawn after a duration of time, with this software anyone can send payment to you and it will reflect on your bank account available balance but can’t be withdrawn after a particular time.


you may have read below bullshit elsewhere deluding and brainwashing people into buying or paying for such stupid apps on Google Play or from them directly therefore we had to put them below and bracket fake ones leaving their junk descriptions so welcome, grab a pop corn and read them,

How Does Fake Bank Alert Works?

According to the impersonators (cheap scammers they gave below 👇 explanation)

“When you mention Fake bank alert alot of people thinks that, there are different apps for this but that’s unfortunate, well read on. This think there are different types of this software for generating fake bank alerts in Nigeria, some of these apps can also increase your account balance by having people believe that you are rich and also allowing them to access the account.”

Read carefully we highlighted which of the apps are fake to help you save yourself the stress and money.

1.Fake Alert Maker for Android (this is fake and never works)

Fake alert maker apk is a highly rated fake bank alert application that can be downloaded and installed on android devices. This app is free and can be installed on an android from Google play

2.Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro (this is fake and never works)

Millionaire fake bank account pro is an app that will make anyone look and feel like a real millionaire. This app can be downloaded and installed on android devices by everyone. This app is as real as a real bank app as the app has five (5) sections which includes

Account Details: in this section, you can simply access your account details and see or view your current account balance, last deposit amount, and last withdrawn amount all of which are totally fake

Fund Transfer: here, you will be able to pretend to transfer funds with your friends, family, and any other online fund transfer service

Credit Card or Debit Card Details: This section will allow you to access your fake credit card details, card number, card expiry date, card holder’s name, and card CVC.

Pay Online Bills: here, you can make fake payments for online bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, phone bills, rent, and any other bills.

Settings: in this section, you will be able to do a general setting of the app as well as rate the app and access other sections..

3.Money Prank Pro (this is fake and never works)

Money prank pro is a new app that allows people to stimulate that they are rich by generating as much money as they wish into their accounts.

This app has editable checking balance and savings balance that will show up on your main screen and help you trick your friends into believing you are rich. With this app, you can also change currency symbols based on your country’s currency. Money pranks can be used to generate fake bank account balances in the following ways

Download and install the app

Launch the app and sign up as a new user

Add balance and change transaction amount

Set currency and password.

4.Loftysms App (this is fake and never works)

Loftysms is another app that can be used to generate fake bank alerts in Nigeria. This app is a bulk SMS fake alert sender that requires you to have the phone number of the account holder through which he or she gets alerts.

Steps involved in using lofty SMS app to generate fake bank alerts in Nigeria

  • Download and install the app: To use this app, you will first need to download and install the app by simply visiting your device app store or Google play store.
  • Launch the app and click or tap the sign up button as a new user
  • Enter your detailed information in the space provided including your name, username, email, county, and phone number
  • Confirm your email and login to your new loftysms account
  • Click or tap make payment from the next screen and add the amount of money you want to fund
  • Select your preferred payment method and complete your payment (Payment for what?!! 🤷Well, continue reading)
  • Go back to the home page and click or tap send SMS
  • Enter your SMS details and your sender ID will show to your recipient or account holder as the sender (deceptive lies don’t fall for this!)
  • Enter the customer’s phone number and compose the SMS using the exact format of the client’s bank
  • Send your message to the recipient


Loftysms is a bulk SMS app, you can research it on Google, these deluded scammers use it to deceive people and many have gotten into problem, some are in prison for this nonsense, if you decide to use any of the above then know you are doing something that is 50/50, your chances of getting caught is really high because it doesn’t reflect on available balance of the beneficiary’s Bank account.

Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps In Nigeria

5.Flash Fund App | Flash Funds Software (Working Fake Bank Alert)

According to those scammers scamming hustlers like you they said “The flash fund app is a tool that helps to send fake bank alerts instantly to anyone without a trace. This tool is a powerful bank account hacking tool that allows hackers to perform fake bank alerts to people in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most popular fake bank alert apps on the internet today” well that’s wrong and a deceptive lies,

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Here’s our explanation of what flash funds software (Fake bank alert) software is “Fake Bank Alert is a software that scammers use to defraud small business owners or make an illegitimate payment that can not be withdrawn after a duration of time, with this software anyone can send payment to you and it will reflect on your bank account available balance but can’t be withdrawn after a particular time.”

This “The app is very easy to use and it takes up to 24 hours for the fake alert to disappear. All you need for flashing is the recipient’s account number you want to flash the cash into. This app is available in pc and mobile versions. This app works in the following way” is a lie, don’t buy their nonsense deception! 

Another lie, keep reading below you will find something useful from us. Install The App: start by downloading the app from your app store and install it to your mobile phone or pc as it comes in two versions.

Register Your Detailed Information On The App: once the app is installed, you can proceed to enter or fill in all the requirements of the app by giving your details.

Flash The Account Or Fund: once you have completed the first two steps, all you need to do is to instantly flash the account. Once you flash fund, the account holder will instantly receive a credit alert, and the app also

automatically adjusts or increase the account balance just like that of the bank. Always remember when using this app that it will take up to 24hours long before the alert disappears.

Click here to get flash funds (don’t click on anything!)

FAQS About Fake Bank Alert

Is fake Bank alert legit or scam?

How Long Does Fake Bank Last After Being sent?

Latest Apps To Do Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria?

Best Fake Bank Alert Tools In Nigeria?

How Does Fake Bank Alert Look Like?

Does Fake Bank Alert Works For All Nigerian banks?

How To Send Fake Bank Alert Without Being Caught?

Is Fake Bank Alert Still Working?


All the Above listed apps are still currently working and can be downloaded from Google Play of you don’t believe our own words and you’re stubborn not to take simple advice, they will sweet talk you like this “as of the date this article was written, let nobody deceive you. If purchased any of these tools, and not working as explain here, or being scammed by online vendors as a result of wanting to Buy these apps? Simply because you met the wrong vendors.”

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If interested in having the latest version of the above list apps? Kindly Message Our Vendors For instant Share Of Any Of The Above Mentioned Tools, All Sold Cheap And Affordable Prices (you will regret your action if you ever send them private message or buy anything after reading our above warnings and expositorys.)

Want Real Working Flash Funds, Fake Bank Alert That Reflect on Available Balance? Welcome!

Watch Fake Bank Alert Transaction Screen Recorded Video👇

For you to get FBA (fake bank alert) commonly called flash funds you will need to

  1. buy the license
  2. download it
  3. sign up
  4. After sign up
  5. Login
  6. After login
  7. Next is to begin your transaction as seen on above video.

You can contact our customer support if you need help or support on anything related to our software. No hidden charges! Nothing like activation, key activation code, activation pin or whatsoever bullshit!

That’s all on this wonderful article “Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps In Nigeria” remember this is also an instant fake bank alert apps for India and other countries! Don’t forget to share this Instant Fake Bank Alert Apps In Nigeria article with others so they will learn.

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