PayChatik introduces NFC to users

A fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange, Paychatik has introduced NFC (Near-Field Communication) for its users for easy transactions.

According to founder of Paychatik Theoder Innocent Okechukwu, Paychatik is one of the unique modern crypto wallets that you can use to send and receive cryptocurrency payments through NFC

NFC is a set of communication protocols that enables the communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm or less. NFC offers a low-speed connection through a simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless connections.

Users with NFC-enabled devices will be able to pay and receive crypto payments using the NFC feature on Paychatik. NFC on paychatik works just Xender, you just have to put two phones together and send coins which makes Paychatik flexible and users have more transaction options.

Paychatik is not only enhancing cryptocurrency transaction experience but also aims to eliminate high cryptocurrency transaction fees” The founder and CEO of Paychatik,” Theoder innocent Okechukwu stated.

“NFC is not NFT, the two are entirely different things. Paychatik users have the advantage of lower transaction fees if they’re sending crypto payments to Paychatik users and instead of paying with long addresses pay with the Paychatik name tag it will help you identify a verified wallet or user and this will possibly save you from scams,

Speaking about why paychatik introduced the NFC on Paychatik, the founder Okechukwu said “We’ve leveraged on QR Code and NFC’s technologies to achieve this. Going digital has to be contactless.” he further noted “Our goal is to provide direct and regulated access to the digital blockchain ecosystem”

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“On Paychatik you don’t just pay, you connect to your friends, families, and business associates. Running your business with cryptocurrency as a payment method will be most easy with Paychatik because you can just generate a payment link and send it to your customer or client and they will pay you,” he concluded.

Paychatik is the easiest, safest, and fastest crypto wallet to send, receive, swap, and safely build a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Paychatik is a platform that has shown a solid and consistent dedication to meeting the needs of it’s customers. They ensure their platform is user-friendly and regularly updated. Putting smiles on the faces of their customers is their top priority.

With Paychatik App, users can do so much. If you send to an external wallet you can’t use a name tag and you will pay a normal transaction fee but when sending to a Paychatik user you pay low fees.

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