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  • Hacking is a daily activity in our cybersystem; knowing about this helps in keeping us abreast with various Cybersecurity techniques or technical know how to avoid vulnerability and keeping track on manipulation or social engineering methods used by hackers in gaining access in our presumed privacy(data).

One have to add a functioning email address to their account instead of a mobile used in registration.
email help in keeping one update on possible vulnerability crash by a hacker.

Just in case, a hacker tries to change your password without your permission, email will help in sending you a security conscious mail to prevent them in gaining access because successfully change of password will enable them maintain access.

Phishing website (fake-lookalike webpage) people tend to fall for this social engineering method, hackers build a phishing website and convince a user to login like it’s a usual or original website and by inputting their login details it is stored on the website and it enable the hacker gain and maintain access to your account.

Giveaway is a usual social engineering people fall for, like simply asking a user to write their password for a token or for some freebies, they thereby manipulating them to give out their valuable information easily.
human mind enjoy freebies and can be manipulated into giving out password easily to the hacker.

Emails which may not be from an original source can used to get information easily by hacking your system, a malware maybe injected into the email which if you click on it will decimate the malware and this will help in extraction of private information.

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Ensure to update your password every two weeks; this helps you in remembering your password and keeping your account safe from people trying to steal your information.

Cybersecurity awareness is for everyone, this helps in keeping our world updated on the effect of stolen information ranging from credit card details theft to email hacking, etc.


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