Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

If you want to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria then this article will help you avoid being scammed. here are reliable platforms to sell bitcoin in Nigeria.

there are many websites and apps you can sell it on over hundreds of them but not all of them are reliable,

some of them are up for scam but don’t worry because on this post we have combined reliable crypto exchanges you can sell your Bitcoin on and get paid instantly or within few minutes without any risk or stories.

you must have heard of the following websites and apps:

  1. LocalBitcoins
  2. Bybit
  3. Binance
  4. Coinbase
  5. Patricia
  6. Yellowcard

above listed four platforms you can sell your bitcoin and other crypto currencies on them but there’s no chances of zero scams on these platforms, we are talking about their P2P.

one of the disadvantage of Coinbase is that the use standard national rate of the country currency you want to get paid in which will be a great loss at your end, not just Coinbase but others we listed as well,

Most of them take extreme charges such as Patricia and yellowcard and this is what every crypto holder that wants to sell their crypto won’t like,

well, bother not because there’s a better crypto exchange among our listed exchanges above, if you want to sell bitcoin in Nigeria, you want to sell bitcoin in India, you want to sell bitcoin in Ukraine or any other countries either Africa such as Ghana and more of across European countries then you should go for which is our recommendation,

Inflowchange does not just process payout in local currencies but also in USD (PayPal) and doesn’t charge excessively, inflowchange charges you fairly and it is fast in processing payout.

How to use inflowchange

if you want to use inflowchange then you will have to create an account on the platform by opening your browser and typing in

  • fill out the registration form
  • choose withdrawal method
  • choose a password
  • create account

after creating account it will automatically log you in but if it does not automatically log you in then what you should do next is for you to login by typing

when you login you should see your dashboard as below screenshot

Sell bitcoin in Nigeria

when you are on above screen which is your dashboard what you should click on if you want to sell bitcoin to and get paid in Naira is to click on “Exchange” tab (button) on below left of the screen,

after successfully selling you will get credited into your wallet and then processed to your withdrawal method.

that’s all on how to sell bitcoin in Nigeria, I hope you like this article and if it is helpful do not forget to drop us a comment below on the comment section. Thanks for reading kindly share this post.

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