Sunday Igboho gives fani kayode a new name

Sunday Igboho gives fani kayode a new name. Sunday Igboho has reacted to the recent misbehavior of Femi Fani Kayode, below link is a link to the twitter post:

Femi Fani kayode used to be a politician most Nigerians use to respect until you started following the wrong path and started to show off his ugly lifestyle,

Femi Fani kayode's downfall began during the time he had series of issues with his wife and outburst when a journalist asked him publicly "who has been bankrolling you?" Fani kayode was all on the news and social media for his arrogance and unfair treatment to the journalist,

Femi Fani kayode once sworn to rather die than be part of the ruling political APC "all progressive congress" which the alleged deceased Buhari is part of. Recently Femi Fani kayode joined the same APC he sworn not to join but to die instead and this sparked a reaction also leading to ex president Olusegun Obasanjo calling him his boy whom can do anything if fed very well.

The freedom fighter and the leader of the Oduduwa Nation has reacted calling Fani kayode a chameleon. Sunday Igboho gives fani kayode a new name following the below photo he posted 

What do you think about Femi Fani kayode? Let's hear your opinion, share and comment!

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