Why Are We celebrating Nigerian Independence?

Why Are We celebrating Nigerian Independence? Nigeria as a nation today, came under an established political colonization on 6th Aug, 1861 when the the British colonialists signed a bill of cession with Akintoye Dosumu of Lagos. 

Lagos was declared a crowned colony in 1862 by British. In 1900, Northern & Southern protectorates were created. It will be well understood when we know the meaning of the following:

1. Colonization: Means the subjugation, domination and control of a weaker state by a stronger state.

2. Crowned Colony: Means an area under the direct governmental control of the British empire. 

3. Protectorate: Means an area under the protection of the crowned colony. 

In 1906, the crowned colony of Lagos was combined with the southern protectorate to formed the crowned colony and protectorate of Southern. 

In 1914, Sir Lord Fredrick Lugard amalgamented the Northern & Southern protectorates to formed Nigeria. 

The name "Nigeria" was coined by Miss Flora Shaw who later became the wife of Lugard the 1st colonial Governor General in Nigeria. 

He introduced indirect rule system in Nigeria where Local chiefs were empowered to administer and govern their people on behalf of the British Colonialists. 

This aforesaid rule paved way for some Nigerians to be aware of politics. He retired in 1919. He had successors who contributed immensely for the betterment of Nigeria especially from 1922-1950's. 

In 1953, Sir Anthony Enahoro moved an independent motion. He submitted that Nigeria should get independence in 1956.

But the leaders of the Northern People Congress rejected the motion. Based on the series of conferences, Easterners & Westerners gained independence in 1957 & Northernes 1959, and Nigeria as a whole gained total political independence in 1st October, 1960. 

Kudos to our Nationalists: Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa, Anthony Enahoro, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Macauley, Michael Okpara, etc. Perpetual sabbatical to you all.

It's very melancholic after they said people who fought the obnoxious character of our colonialists and won,  later answered the call of the nature and left their legacies in all spheres of life. 

Those entrusted with the key to unlock the dividend of the independency are suffering from myopia with kleptomaniac fingers at the same time living in illuminating darkness paving the way of high rate of dependency in other countries of the world in all spheres of life.

For instance; sociocultural, educational, religious, economical, political, etc.

Why our so called Government is telling their caged birds that singing for freedom everyday to celebrate freedom in bondage?

By Ukachi Christian Sochima

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