Why Crusade Against Corruption By President Buhari's Administration Is A False And Popular Innuendo

Why Crusade Against Corruption By President Buhari's Administration Is A False And Popular Innuendo

The word 'Corruption' derived from a Latin word 'Corruptio' meaning a state of being corrupted or debased. Corruption as the name suggests, is synonymous to the Nigerian society.

The challenge of fighting corruption was a major issue during the 2015 elections in Nigeria. President Buhari made the fight against corruption one of his cardinal programmes along with security and the economy.

After being elected in 2015, was expected to lead strict anti corruption in office to clean up the bad image. While detained and detaining high profile officials of his predecessors.

A criticism that have been laid against the president is that his anti corruption stance has been one sided with no members of his party detained which is true. All his party members are celebrated carpet crossers. 

Buhari regime and his anti corruption crusade has paved the way for negative consequences in every sphere of societal development whether social, religious, economic or political.

It is not new to mankind which is not only leading to impoverishment and loss of lives, but also threatening the stability of society.

Nigerian government has replaced good governance with corruption, no respect for human rights, electoral violence, abuse of power, fraud, etc.

For a good fight against corruption in a country, her government must be effective, operational transparency, conformity to internationally acceptable good practice, accountability, respect for human rights, among others.

It's very disheartening that Buhari and his cohorts who are fighting corruption and at the same time engaging in political corruption or implementing policies that would exacerbate corruption.

A fight against corruption in Nigeria cannot and can never be won when the so called fighters are still swimming in the ocean of corruption. Because bribery and corruption has eaten deep in the lives of the so called fighters.

For instance, when the salaries of workers cannot sustain them, there is tendency to engage in petty corruption. 

Fight against corruption should be a fight for humanity. It should be a fight that will challenge power relations, institutions, mechanisms and systems that promote corruption.

It should be a fight for empowerment of citizens to enlist them in the war against corruption.

It should be a fight against a system of mediocrity that produces emergency millionaires or billionaires from being commissioned agents, contractors. It should be a fight for value reorientation.

By Ukachi Christian Sochima

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