Flash Funds & Fake Bank Alert – Difference And How To Avoid Them

Fake bank alert is a method these scammers use to defraud their victims which can be detected, you will learn how to avoid falling a victim on this post.

Flash Funds
Flash Funds is the main method they use which is unfortunately not detectable. Majority of them use Offrakle software to do Flash Funds in India, Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere in the world while local scammers use other Bulk SMS apps to do fake bank alert and by so it is detectable and even the average fool will catch up that it is fake, but

Flash Funds?
You can’t detect it, best way to avoid this? Have two bank accounts, when you receive payment you transfer it to other bank account and when you receive it to your second bank account you have confirmed the payment but if network keeps disturbing you know it is Flashed Funds, yes, your account has been flashed,

What Is Flash Funds?
To better explain flash funds for you to understand it clearly, flash funds is a process by which hackers use to deploy payment to any bank account and it will reflect on available balance but can’t be withdrawn or transferred for a particular period of time, also configurable to go away.

Ever been in a situation whereby you got paid but few hours later you couldn’t find the money in your account again? That’s Flashed Fund.

Flash Funds And Fake Bank Alert Difference

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For fake bank alert local scammers use: fakebankalert.com

For Flash Funds professional hackers use: offrakle.com/what-is-offrakle
Always be on guard and protect your finance, verify payments very well before you accept you have confirmed it. Follow the guide on how to avoid being a victim.

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