How fake bank alert works

Welcome guys, here’s how fake bank alert works, what fake bank alert is all about and other necessary informations you need to know about fake bank alert.

If you want to download fake bank alert or you want to download the fake bank alert App there are things/steps you must have to follow to successfully use fake bank alert app otherwise you will not be able to use it and mind you no other person can grant you access to it except on this website and we do not have any agent elsewhere.

Download Fake Bank Alert App
  1. Download the Fake Bank alert App
  2. Use 56154846 as password to open the ZIP file and install the APK on your android phone (recommended), if you don’t have an android phone contact us for windows and MacBook Installation(custom order)
  3. After installation, open the app
  4. When you open the app you will need to create your own free account, create account and login with your password
  5. When you have logged into the app, on your profile settings you will need to get license to begin using the software safely, to get your license you can purchase your license from your dashboard, on the official website or contact official customer support only on our website or from the app to avoid scam.
Buy Fake Bank Alert License

If you encounter any challenge do not hesitate to contact us immediately to enable us fix or assist you accordingly.

Fake Bank Alert FAQ’s

What is fake bank alert?

Fake Bank Alert as per the name is a software/application hackers use to make payments to small businesses or individuals without actually paying.

How will the fake bank alert victim know I have paid?

The fake bank alert victim will actually receive credit alert from his/her bank but the payment will fail after hours or days depending on your license

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How long does it take for the payment to hit the account?

How long it takes the payment (credit alert) to hit beneficiary account depends on the type of license you are using, you can upgrade your license or downgrade it anytime you want and to do that you will have to contact our customer support.

That’s how fake bank alert works and if you have anu further questions you’re always welcomed at our support team contact channels.

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