How Ponzi scheme Lord’s scam social media users

Ponzi scheme is an investment venture where ones input determines their return on interest.

Majority of Facebook users would want to double or triple their money by investing their to Ponzi directors.

Let’s get back to ethical hacking, the simplest form of hacking which anybody can utilize is social Engineering.

Social engineering is the use of items which interest or attract people to gain their trust.

examples of these are:

motivational speech
fake giveaway
motivational speaker
fake lifestyle
reverse psychology
fake testimony
fake certification of business
religious fanatics
hired influencers

motivational speech
for the fact that people love motivational speeches, that are brainwashed thinking that the speakers have attained success already.

inherently they utilize this method to manipulate people’s mind, this is a social engineering technique.

fake giveaway
this is a way to buy people’s mind with fake gifts, so people would think they already made it in life and think of them as a philanthropist.

most of the giveaway are actually fake so people can believe and Stan for them with all their heart.

remember if it’s too good to be true then it’s fake.

motivational speakers
get to draw attention of fans and get trusted easily with their choice of words especially poverty alleviating speeches.

people take their words to heart even if it’s not proven to be effective.

fake lifestyle
this is another strategy to lure people into believing them, since the way you dress is the way you’re addressed.

people tend to believe that one with such lifestyle can’t abscorn with their investments.

Ad 2

this way people believe they are worth every amount they proclaim.

reserve psychology
this is used by Ponzi Lord’s to manipulate people into trusting them and all their claim this hereby prevent people about going to verify about such claims.

fake testimony
this is used to buy people’s mind to believe they’re proven by testimony talked about them.

fake testimony are broadcast to unsuspecting fans which aid in buying people’s trust and making them believe every procedure afterwards.

fake certification of business
this is used to make believe therefore getting people to trust in the ponzi scheme being portrayed.

they go as far as paying huge sum to government to insure they are genuine but deep down they’re not.

religious fanatics

since people believe so much in religious extremist.

they portray high spiritism and believe in God to manipulate people’s mind into trusting them and investing their funds in the ponzi scheme.

hired influencers
since the ways people believe in business success is the number of influencers advertising the so-called business.

influencers are hired or signed to the brand to create visibility, generate revenue, getting people to trust the brand and get more customers.

you need to lookout for all I’ve mentioned here, so you don’t lose your hard earned money.

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