How Scammers Divert Crypto Currency Transactions 2023

Before you send coin to anyone i advice you to double-check the address you copied twice to ensure you’re seeing it correctly and it is actually what you copied,

Scammers/Hackers now divert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transactions by hacking your clipboard that is why some Fintechs don’t integrate clipboard within their AppView/WebView components because for you to catch a criminal you have to be ahead of them thinking like them.

They will hack your clipboard and replace it with their own crypto wallet address so that whenever you copy address the address you copied will be automatically replaced with their own crypto address, you will send the coin thinking you have actually sent it without knowing the hacker received it instead.

This has caused serious issues between individuals, companies are not left out too as staffs struggle with similar issue that most time leads to them loosing their position or job because of this,

Most of these Hackers, scammers/criminals use a particular software to carry out this wicked act, at the moment we know only two softwares they use

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  1. Clipboard Malware
  2. Offrakle

How To Remove The Malware

Removing it manually is complicated but if you follow our instructions you can be able to remove it completely with few clicks on your computer, Learn how to remove this malware/spyware or virus from your computer. If you have any question don’t forget to drop comment below 👇

Remember: Always double-check the crypto wallet address you copied to ensure you don’t fall victim. Good bye 👋

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