Fake Bank Alert: how to prevent fake Bank alert

Here is how you can prevent fake Bank alert [Flash Funds], hackers or scammers are everywhere now and there are little to no much information out there on how to prevent the rampaging fake Bank alert that has gotten alot of people into unnecessary unplanned debts therefore we thought about this and decided to come up with a preventative of fake Bank alert guide,

How to prevent Fake Bank alert (Flash Funds)

For you to prevent or avoid fake Bank alert as commonly called flash funds is to follow below list:

  1. Be calm when dealing with any customer
  2. Avoid pressure (is better you loose a customer than loosing money because you may not be open for business the next day or maybe even for a long time due to loss of funds)
  3. Confirm payment before rendering service or giving out product/goods, confirm payment through login of your mobile banking app, confirm through email as well because if they have your phone number yo manipulate they can’t manipulate email and as well banking app
  4. Be vigilant
  5. Try sending out the money immediately you receive it
  6. Be composed
  7. Give out only bank account details don’t give out phone numbers you use to receive bank notifications
  8. Keep bank related info sim card or number away from public
  9. Keep your email linked to bank account away from public
  10. Accept less of bank transfers
  11. Notify customer prior to transfer initiation that you will have to confirm payment first before anything
  12. Ensure you know you available balance before the transaction is initiated to your Bank account

If you do above lists I’m sure no loss of funds again in your life. In some cases there are powerful software these hackers use that reflects on both available balance and everywhere, they use a software called offrakle but there’s a way for you to deal with that,

How scammers are ruining Nigerians lives

The best way to deal with that is to apply number five (5) of above list because when they flash funds into bank account available balance you can transfer it immediately until after ten to twenty (10-20) minutes.

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When you try to send out the money it refuses then know that something is wrong, i hope this article is helpful and please share with others!

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